Ten on One – rocks GRAVEL sand with author Craig Coppola

I sat down with THE one and only Craig Coppola to discuss his new book rocks GRAVEL sand.  What a great way to kick off the New Year!  Craig is not only our fearless leader at the C2 Team, but he is also the #1 producing broker in Lee & Associates national history.  To date, He has started or invested in over 100 companies, run 60+ marathons, is a taekwondo world champion, an amazing husband, and grandfather to three beautiful grandchildren.  He is always setting new goals and constantly going the extra mile to achieve them.  What’s his secret?  Take ten minutes and watch the video below to find out.  Here are some takeaways:

GRAVEL  is the hardest part of achieving our goals.  

rocks represent our goals, sand represents the actions we do daily to achieve them and GRAVEL is the massive gap between the two.  

— GRAVEL is constant. You are constantly doing, thinking, and changing, which means you are constantly facing new challenges. But we tend to avoid the obstacles that keep us stuck, and many dreams die in GRAVEL.  

— GRAVEL is Craig’s “secret sauce” to achieving goals in every area of his life.  This includes his career, relationships, finances, athletics, etc. 

Setting goals is easy —  it’s doing the GRAVEL work that proves to be a challenge.  If you are interested in this topic, I encourage you to read Craig’s new book rocks GRAVEL sand, which you can purchase by clicking here.  That link will also show you the other great books he’s written.




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