Ten on One – Real Estate Investing with Scott Ostlund

Do me a favor and take 10 minutes (ok, it was so good we ran a little long) to listen to the passion and brilliance of Scott Ostlund. Scott is a Principal at Lee & Associates – Ontario, CA, a co-founder of the Associate Equities Fund, and is damn smart!  In a few short minutes, you’ll learn about:


–Six ways real estate investing is better than any other investment.
–How you can buy investment real estate while on vacation.
–How to find deal flow.


Here are some crazy takeaways I learned:

–You can buy your house, rent it for a year, rapidly depreciate it, then move in for a huge tax advantage. 

–I am the biggest investor in his syndicate for one reason……listen and find out why.  His answer is not what you think, at all. 





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