Founding and Running a Start-Up Company

We have represented a large number of start-up companies over the years. While we typically work with these companies on their real estate needs (shorter term leases, ability to grow, flexibility) sometimes we get to know them and watch as they grow into incredible companies. I was excited to interview Vivek Kopparthi the Founder and CEO of Neolight.  I am an early investor and have been watching Vivek navigate Neolight’s growth over the last five years.  Take 10 minutes and listen to our conversation by clicking below.  As always, we have complete notes at the end of the podcast.

The 3 biggest surprises in starting and running a start-up?

  1. Things outside his control.  
  2. Big companies trying to crush them and being agile enough to compete/survive.
  3. Learning how to hack EVERYTHING. You have to change to survive, adapt or die!

The biggest surprise answer to a question I asked:  What is the most important attribute to have with a start-up company? Humility. 

Here is one last tidbit:  In a start-up Vivek says:  “You have to know what you don’t know AND then go learn it. AND you have to learn it fast.” 
Listen and learn.


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