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Kathy Hancock, Former Executive Director, Fennemore Law

“We work with Craig Coppola and his team for our office space needs at all of our offices. We greatly value Craig for his insights, market savvy and service. His candid, thoughtful advice never fails to be helpful and on-point!”

Joel Nomkin, Partner, Perkins Coie Phoenix

“My law firm has worked with Craig as a leasing consultant several times over the last two decades. We trust Craig to represent our interests at the highest professional level. His dedication and service is backed by years of experience in the commercial real estate industry.”

Lori Mandell, Office Administrator, Dickinson-Wright

“Working with The Coppola-Cheney Group in our recent lease renewal was one of the best decisions we made. They made the entire process seamless, and made our questions and concerns a top priority. They provide unmatched service, and we will definitely be using them again.”

Mark Nethers, Partner, Kutak Rock, LLP

“Why did we go back to The Coppola Group to handle our next lease? Simple-we know from experience that they negotiate aggressive, comprehensive and financially sound transactions. We concluded they would be the most effective representatives in this market and negotiate the best lease terms for our office.”

Chris Rapp, Ryan, Rapp & Underwood, PLC

“Besides getting my firm an economic deal I did not think we could achieve, The Coppola-Cheney Group fought for me the entire way through lease execution. Their level of professionalism and expertise is unmatched.”

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