For the past decade, all eyes have been on the Millennial Generation, the first to grow up in the Internet Age. Now, the next generation after Millennials is graduating college and entering the workforce: Gen Z is starting to make its mark. Comprising 35% of the global population, they are a force to work with.

I’ll admit, each year I find it a little harder to relate to and understand the younger generations, but I find them fascinating to read about. Their lived experiences are so different from mine, and I think they bring an interesting new perspective to the work world.   Here are a few ways they are different:

–They communicate via video first. Text and email are secondary. (Should I change this narrative to video?)

–They get their news in bite-sized format from their mobile device.

–Currently, and I say currently because it will be interesting to see if this lasts, but they talk in emojis. Go to slide 11 and 12 in the deck below.

Linked below is a presentation from Tiffany Zhong, the founder and CEO of ZebraIQ. She’s spent a considerable amount of time observing and interacting with Gen Z, and has put together her thoughts on what you need to know about this upcoming generation. I found it fascinating and thought you might too.

Keeping up with the next generation isn’t always easy, but it is essential for companies who want to attract and retain new talent.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Gen Z

By: Trung T. Phan

September 23. 2020

Tiffany Zhong is the founder and CEO of ZebraIQ, a platform that allows creators to make exclusive fan communities.

She has 2 other noteworthy titles: “The Gen Z Whisperer” and “The Mary Meeker of Gen Z.”

Why? For years, she has been surveying the demographic born between 1995 and 2010, and providing valuable insights on a group with $143B in spending power.

Zhong just released a 116-slide presentation — the 2020 State of Gen Z Report

She gave The Hustle an early look, and here are our fave findings:

A video-first generation 

·         65% of Gen Z prefers FaceTime as the way to keep in touch with friends

·         Mobile video is how Gen Z prefers to learn and stay up to date on news

They created their own emoji language

Seemingly harmless emojis have different meanings to the Gen Z crowd.

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