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June 20, 2018


I come from a family of educators.  Both my parents were school teachers.  After getting my bachelor’s degree, I felt the need to continue my education.  Today I have earned my MBA and the three most prestigious designations in the Commercial Real Estate industry: CCIM, CRE, and SIOR.  Andrew has earned the same three designations.  We are two of only 33 people in the world to hold these three. 

Do these designations matter when you select a broker to represent you?  We think it does.   Why?
–The market and how we deliver our services is always changing.  Continuous education is paramount.
–Skill set.  We simply have more training in more areas than any of our competitors, giving us the ability to view your requirement from many different perspectives.
–Commitment to our craft.  This is our life’s work. We are committed to being the best of the best.  This ensures our clients are never under represented.
What designations do we hold?
Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)—Called the PhD of Commercial Real Estate, this designation provides critical expertise in market, financial, and investment analysis as well as negotiations.

Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR)—Only the best become SIOR’s. A leader in their field, and top-producing professionals who meet education, production, and ethical requirement.

Counselors of Real Estate (CRE)—This is invitation-only with 1,100 counselors across the world handling the most complex and difficult assignments for clients.
Designations matter. 


Do Designations Matter When Choosing A Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Chad Griffiths

October 1, 2017

Commercial real estate transactions are some of the most important deals that a person or business can make. Finding the right commercial real estate can make or break a business venture. That is why people want the best professional commercial real estate broker available to guide them through the process.

But how can you separate the best professional real estate brokers from the rest?

Degrees And Designations
Most other important professions have a degree or designation that any practitioner is required to have by law. Lawyers have the J.D., doctors the M.D., engineers the P.Eng and so on. Yet there are no professional designations that are required to practice as a commercial real estate broker.

Fortunately, commercial real estate broker associations have created professional designations that allow you to identify those practitioners who have gone above and beyond to become masters of their craft. While anyone who has met the necessary licensing requirements for their jurisdiction can become a commercial real estate broker, these professional designations help the best stand out from the rest and give you the peace of mind that you have found someone that you can trust to guide you through these important decisions.

What’s In A Degree Anyway?
A degree or professional designation signifies that the holder has the necessary education and experience to safely practice their profession. These designations are designed by professional associations to represent at least a bare minimum of knowledge and experience that every practitioner needs to do their job effectively and to a minimum standard of performance expected by their professional peers. Anyone who meets these standards can be relied upon to make the right decisions when practicing their craft.

Commercial real estate designations signify knowledge in relevant areas of law and finance, as well as the customs and ethics of the commercial real estate industry. These professional designations also signify a commitment to ongoing education and regular participation in the professional community and industry events.

Professional Designations In Commercial Real Estate
Two of the best designations for commercial real estate brokers are the CCIM and SIOR. Either of these designations signifies that you are working with a true professional with years of knowledge and experience in the industry.

The CCIM designation stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. The CCIM pin signifies that the owner has successfully completed advanced courses in market and financial analysis, and has demonstrated significant experience in the commercial real estate industry. CCIM professionals are recognized as the leading experts in commercial real estate.

More than anything, a CCIM designation represents reliable expertise in market, financial and investment analysis, as well as negotiations. Courses for these central competencies are instructed by industry professionals, which ensures that all materials reflect the state of the contemporary industry. Using their real-world education, CCIM professionals can be relied on to guide their clients to:
• Minimize risks
• Enhance deal credibility
• Make appropriate decisions
• Close deals effectively

The other leading credential, an SIOR designation, is a professional achievement for those commercial real estate practitioners who have a strong history in fee-based services, brokerage or executive management.
The SIOR designation signifies:
• A specialist in office and/or industrial markets
• A transaction closer who is recognized by lenders, developers and investors
• A top producing professional who closes more than 30 transactions each year
• A top performer who meets SIOR’s exacting education, production and ethical requirements

An SIOR designation can be granted in one of the six specialist categories:
• Industrial
• Office
• Industrial & Office
• Sales Management
• Executive Management
• Advisory Services

A Commercial Real Estate Professional Designation Is More Than Just A Title
The great thing about professional designations is that they provide buyers with the confidence that you can rely on that person for the latest and best professional advice. The designations are more than just a few years of coursework done many decades ago. These professional designations signify an ongoing commitment to staying informed about all relevant knowledge and practicing their craft to a high standard every single day.

When you need to make a commercial real estate transaction, trust the professionals and look for a commercial real estate broker designation that signifies the years of knowledge and experience that you can count on.


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Sign up to receive The C2 Voice™. You will receive insightful and concise comments on all things commercial real estate and other interesting topics. Look below to see our archived narratives.

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Sign up to receive The C2 Voice™. You will receive insightful and concise comments on all things commercial real estate and other interesting topics. Look below to see our archived narratives.

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