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ChatGPT for CRE

I’m sure everyone has heard of the latest breakthrough in AI known as ChatGPT.  I wanted to spend this week sharing how we think AI will change Commercial Real Estate.  I have also picked a great article by Packy McCormick that is a bit long and detailed, but provides a much greater understanding of where all AI and ChatGPT are … Continue reading ChatGPT for CRE

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Redefining Location

Location has been the cornerstone of all commercial real estate decisions since the industry began.  Location, Location, Location.  But with the rise of technological advancements, this sure-fire parameter is being tested. Here are just a few of the trends pushing the boundaries of location: —Remote work. People are working from anywhere and everywhere.  This trend … Continue reading Redefining Location

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Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate

As you may recall, Andrew and I are a long time Counselors of Real Estate (CRE). Annually the  Counselors of Real Estate organization  has all the members vote and comes up with the most interesting and comprehensive  list of Issues in our business.  The 2022-2023 Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate report came out last … Continue reading Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate

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The Latest Insights and Stats on Hybrid Office Work

Want to understand how employees really feel about the hybrid workplace? Microsoft has put out a fantastic report called the 2022 Work Trend Index Annual Report. An independent research firm conducted a survey with over 31,000 full-time and part-time works across 31 worldwide markets. This report also used valuable data from LinkedIn and Microsoft 365. Here are … Continue reading The Latest Insights and Stats on Hybrid Office Work

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5 Solutions for Saving Money on Office

The majority of companies are back in the office under some sort of adjusted schedule.  While work strategies differ, everyone can agree that build-out costs are painfully expensive. This is especially challenging during the war for talent that’s happening, and businesses need every dollar they can get to enhance the employee office experience. Since the … Continue reading 5 Solutions for Saving Money on Office

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Are the Suburbs Back? And other Office Trends from NAIOP

As companies begin to return to the offices which have largely been left empty since the Covid 19 pandemic started, the first trend we are seeing is companies are  going to have to transform the spaces into places where workers will want to be. This is an important move since there is now a shift … Continue reading Are the Suburbs Back? And other Office Trends from NAIOP

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Gen Z

For the past decade, all eyes have been on the Millennial Generation, the first to grow up in the Internet Age. Now, the next generation after Millennials is graduating college and entering the workforce: Gen Z is starting to make its mark. Comprising 35% of the global population, they are a force to work with. … Continue reading Gen Z

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Indoor Farming

A few years back I wrote a narrative on indoor farming (you can read it here).  The technology has grown and grown (pun intended) and now we are seeing some incredible changes. Sananbio, one of the world’s largest indoor farming technology providers, has announced an unmanned vertical farming system. Here’s how it works: –Pour the seeds … Continue reading Indoor Farming

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