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Project Credibility Checklist

Over the years, we have found there are less than a handful of brokers skilled in preleasing or leasing proposed pre-construction buildings. New development preleasing is an increasingly difficult skill that The Coppola Cheney Group has mastered for over 30+ years.  Every project is different and every client’s needs are unique and time-sensitive.   Our proprietary … Continue reading Project Credibility Checklist

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7 Lasting Changes From COVID in Office Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in the Commercial Real Estate office market.  As brokers, we have been able to see and participate in these changes firsthand. All Tenants and Landlords are making adjustments on how they lease space. When culture-altering changes happen, companies that learn to adapt are far more successful than those that don’t. … Continue reading 7 Lasting Changes From COVID in Office Space

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Ten on One – Running a Startup CRE Software Company with Charlie Coppola

I’m especially excited about this month’s Ten on One as it features my son, Charlie Coppola, Chief Operating Officer of CRE OneSource. Charlie gives us a ten-minute insight into running a SaaS CRE company that is in growth mode.   Here are some key takeaways:   –Hire people you trust.  A great team is irreplaceable.  –Culture starts with … Continue reading Ten on One – Running a Startup CRE Software Company with Charlie Coppola

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Ten on One- Minority Owned Start-up Business Thoughts from the Front Lines

This week we have an exciting episode of Ten on One with Maria Luna, the fabulous Co-Founder of Famigo, a mobile app for artists and creators. She riffs on starting a business, being a female founder, and how her mother helped drive her to succeed. It’s a conversation worth 10 minutes of your time, but … Continue reading Ten on One- Minority Owned Start-up Business Thoughts from the Front Lines

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Spec Suite Scorecard

It’s happening — companies are doing all they can to get employees back to the office! But at the same time they understand that hybrid work and downsizing is here to stay…or is it? This is a scary unknown  for business owners, so how do they hedge their bets? Enter the “Spec Suite.” Over the … Continue reading Spec Suite Scorecard

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Ten on One- Growing a CRE Brokerage Company

Ten minutes with Jeff Rinkov, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Lee & Associates. Our Leader. We sat down to discuss how we are growing our company and what makes us different.–Bigger, publicly traded CRE companies are focused on growing predictable revenue….CRE brokerage commissions are not that predictable. –How is Lee growing: – NFL cities – Diversification … Continue reading Ten on One- Growing a CRE Brokerage Company

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