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Ten on One- California Industrial Market

The Inland Empire of industrial market is MASSIVE.  It is estimated that 40% of all distribution to the US comes through the two ports located in Southern California.  We spent ten minutes talking Inland Empire with Jeff Huberman, one of the top industrial brokers in California. What did we learn? –These ports are the gateway to … Continue reading Ten on One- California Industrial Market

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Phoenix And San Antonio Only Big Cities Growing

New York City lost hundreds of thousands of people last year — around 3.5% of its population gone in one year. In fact ALL cities with populations more than 1 million saw people move out, with the exception of Phoenix and San Antonio. The pandemic saw thousands of people reevaluate their lives and make the … Continue reading Phoenix And San Antonio Only Big Cities Growing

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Weakening the Work-From-Home Revolution

Everyone is talking about the looming recession.  While I personally think it’s likely to hit in 2023,  no one seems to be talking about how it could bring people back to the office. The article below discusses the reasons why a recession will lead to remote workers heading back into the office. Layoffs are coming (actually, they’re already here), and unemployment … Continue reading Weakening the Work-From-Home Revolution

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The Latest Insights and Stats on Hybrid Office Work

Want to understand how employees really feel about the hybrid workplace? Microsoft has put out a fantastic report called the 2022 Work Trend Index Annual Report. An independent research firm conducted a survey with over 31,000 full-time and part-time works across 31 worldwide markets. This report also used valuable data from LinkedIn and Microsoft 365. Here are … Continue reading The Latest Insights and Stats on Hybrid Office Work

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PropTech is Changing Office Space

Office space is changing dramatically right in front of our eyes.  In this Narrative, we have talked about work from home, flex time, and how office space is becoming more experiential. Today I want to talk about another area: PropTech. The article below from prommodo is titled: The Coming Tsunami of PropTech. Proptech companies are showing up at … Continue reading PropTech is Changing Office Space

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Ten on One- Post Covid Design Changes

We’re excited to bring you something brand new today. The first episode of our new video podcast, “Ten on One.”  This new video format will feature a ten-minute podcast on one timely topic at a time. We promise to deliver: — Relevant, timely information — No BS — A summary of key takeaways Trust us, it will … Continue reading Ten on One- Post Covid Design Changes

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1- Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2022

The Metro Phoenix Office Market is in the midst of a recovery. Ok, a slow one BUT still a recovery. Net absorption, the net increase in physical office space occupied, and THE key market indicator, bounced back in a big way in Q2 at 913,413 SF. In Q1 it had slipped to a – 55,390 … Continue reading 1- Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2022

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Up to 70% Office Building Obsolescene??!!

Zisler Capital Associates released a report that stated up to 70% of the total office inventory might be obsolete. This is a massive disruption for office building owners. Now, we know that how tenants use their space is changing dramatically post covid and with new, rising technologies (Zoom, Slack, everything in the cloud, etc). We also … Continue reading Up to 70% Office Building Obsolescene??!!

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Office Space that Works

In 2010, psychologists Alex Haslam and Craig Knight did some experimenting with office space layouts (read the full article below for some fascinating history and thoughts).  Here’s what they found: –Employees want to make their space their own. –When they get that opportunity, they do more and better work. Over a decade later and employees … Continue reading Office Space that Works

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