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Office to Multifamily? (Office Conversion Series – #2)

This is week two of our office conversion series and today we discuss office to multifamily conversions.  Right off, we count over 20 prime office sites in Metro Phoenix that have been developed as multifamily in the last decade. This site stealing is not new. The relatively new thing is developers taking existing office buildings and retrofitting … Continue reading Office to Multifamily? (Office Conversion Series – #2)

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Office to Industrial? (Office Conversion Series – #1)

As office building usage continues to drastically evolve, the conversations we are having around converting office buildings into different uses, such as Industrial, Multifamily, Labs, Retail, Schools, and Medical have gained significant traction. Over the next six weeks, I will explore each potential type of conversion, the pros & cons, what the challenges are for … Continue reading Office to Industrial? (Office Conversion Series – #1)

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1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q3 2023

The Third Quarter proved to be another reminder of how challenging these times are for the Metro Phoenix Office market. Net absorption went negative in a big way, at -355,027 SF over the past 90 days.  This drags the year-to-date figure down to -540,940 SF and puts office users on track to vacate more space than they … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q3 2023

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Ten on One – Founding and Running a Start-Up Company

We have represented a large number of start-up companies over the years. While we typically work with these companies on their real estate needs (shorter term leases, ability to grow, flexibility) sometimes we get to know them and watch as they grow into incredible companies. I was excited to interview Vivek Kopparthi the Founder and CEO … Continue reading Ten on One – Founding and Running a Start-Up Company

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Project Credibility Checklist

Over the years, we have found there are less than a handful of brokers skilled in preleasing or leasing proposed pre-construction buildings. New development preleasing is an increasingly difficult skill that The Coppola Cheney Group has mastered for over 30+ years.  Every project is different and every client’s needs are unique and time-sensitive.   Our proprietary … Continue reading Project Credibility Checklist

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ChatGPT for CRE

I’m sure everyone has heard of the latest breakthrough in AI known as ChatGPT.  I wanted to spend this week sharing how we think AI will change Commercial Real Estate.  I have also picked a great article by Packy McCormick that is a bit long and detailed, but provides a much greater understanding of where all AI and ChatGPT are … Continue reading ChatGPT for CRE

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Ten on One – Family Legacies with Scott Donnell

Normally, we talk all things CRE.  Today, however, we’re making a detour and chatting with Scott Donnell, the genius founder of GravyStack, Apex Leadership Company, and author of New York Times best-seller, Value Creation Kid.  Scott spent the past five years learning from 1,000 amazing families.  Family legacy is his life and here are some fascinating takeaways:   — … Continue reading Ten on One – Family Legacies with Scott Donnell

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