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Phoenix And San Antonio Only Big Cities Growing

New York City lost hundreds of thousands of people last year — around 3.5% of its population gone in one year. In fact ALL cities with populations more than 1 million saw people move out, with the exception of Phoenix and San Antonio. The pandemic saw thousands of people reevaluate their lives and make the … Continue reading Phoenix And San Antonio Only Big Cities Growing

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PropTech is Changing Office Space

Office space is changing dramatically right in front of our eyes.  In this Narrative, we have talked about work from home, flex time, and how office space is becoming more experiential. Today I want to talk about another area: PropTech. The article below from prommodo is titled: The Coming Tsunami of PropTech. Proptech companies are showing up at … Continue reading PropTech is Changing Office Space

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Multi Story Warehouse

I recently wrote about office land sites going to industrial developers here. Below is one additional reason why this trend is happening. This is crazy.  Take a look below, but first here are some of my thoughts: –The industrial market is on fire and the country is building out the last mile infrastructure. –Land prices … Continue reading Multi Story Warehouse

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5 Solutions for Saving Money on Office

The majority of companies are back in the office under some sort of adjusted schedule.  While work strategies differ, everyone can agree that build-out costs are painfully expensive. This is especially challenging during the war for talent that’s happening, and businesses need every dollar they can get to enhance the employee office experience. Since the … Continue reading 5 Solutions for Saving Money on Office

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Second-Tier Cities Thriving

The pandemic has created some new trends (mask wearing, expanded home delivery, ghost restaurants, etc.).  That said, there has been even more acceleration of existing trends including last mile logistics, flex work schedules, and the rise of second-tier cities like Phoenix. Second-tier cities are growing like crazy and drawing the notice of institutional investors as well … Continue reading Second-Tier Cities Thriving

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Commercial Real Estate in 2022

Lee & Associates corporate just released a nice summary called  7 Things to Know About Commercial Real Estate — a national overview of what you need to know about the market going into 2022.  Here are my takeaways: –Industrial is ROCKING. And it will continue in 2022. –Multi Family is ROCKING (and has been for … Continue reading Commercial Real Estate in 2022

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Technology Changing Parking

Parking is not the most exciting topic, but for office developers and users it’s critical. Technology is changing everything in our lives and parking is no different. Yes, Uber and Lyft have already started the change as people can now get to and from locations without having to worry about parking.  And autonomous driving is … Continue reading Technology Changing Parking

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Where America’s Developed Areas are Growing?

A few weeks ago I wrote a narrative about rankings, and what I look for in markets where I believe companies will thrive. I posed four questions to ask with the number one question being:  Is the market growing? Below is a great article from the Washington Post on where America is growing by new land … Continue reading Where America’s Developed Areas are Growing?

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Lease vs. Own

Business owners come to us and ask for our guidance and expertise on all things office space.  One area that comes up all the time is the decision to lease or buy a building. We received this question so often, we created the below graphic to begin the conversation.  While this is a great start, the … Continue reading Lease vs. Own

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