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5 Years After The Crisis, Big Banks Are Bigger Than Ever

First, a disclaimer: I am a capitalist. I believe free enterprise is flawed, but that it is, by far, the best system to create wealth and operate a country. Below are two articles that show what is happening with banking in the US. First is a graph and quick article comparing the four largest banks in 2008 vs. 2013.  The US government has created an environment …

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I continue to track the development of the new, collaborative office place including the new headquarters of some of the biggest companies in the world. But, there is starting to be increasing backlash against the open office space. I came across the article below in Fortune that details some of the negatives of having an open work space. Certain companies rely …

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Valued Customer–In my pursuit to provide the most informative narrative of office buildings, space, representation, and in general, interesting articles, I never thought I would be sending something with buildings in the shape of a shoe, a piano, and a picnic basket. Well, I am and here they are below – the “Top 20 Most Unusual, Unique and Exotic Buildings of the …

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Can you “hack” your office space?  Or better yet, can it be adapted?  Below is a thought-provoking article from Gensler that asks this very question. My short answer is….maybe.   Why do I hedge?  Because you need have to have some fundamentals in place to make it worth the adaptation.  Here are the top three fundamentals …

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