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Ten on One- Minority Owned Start-up Business Thoughts from the Front Lines

This week we have an exciting episode of Ten on One with Maria Luna, the fabulous Co-Founder of Famigo, a mobile app for artists and creators. She riffs on starting a business, being a female founder, and how her mother helped drive her to succeed. It’s a conversation worth 10 minutes of your time, but … Continue reading Ten on One- Minority Owned Start-up Business Thoughts from the Front Lines

CRE Terms Everyone Should Know

The world of Commercial Real Estate is complex, and filled with jargon — both serious and comical. To help you navigate, we’ve put together a glossary of Commercial Real Estate terms everyone should know — with an extra fun spin. 🙂  (Don’t worry, we’ve put a little logo on the funny ones in case you … Continue reading CRE Terms Everyone Should Know

Development Strategies for Maximizing E-Commerce Demand

No matter what sector of real estate you focus on, E-Commerce affects us all.  Its disruption of the commercial real estate world has accelerated exponentially due to COVID-19’s effects on our shopping behavior.  This disruption is forcing property owners, especially industrial and retail,  to re-think how they “maximize” the sites they own.  It’s also spilling … Continue reading Development Strategies for Maximizing E-Commerce Demand

Spec Suite Scorecard

It’s happening — companies are doing all they can to get employees back to the office! But at the same time they understand that hybrid work and downsizing is here to stay…or is it? This is a scary unknown  for business owners, so how do they hedge their bets? Enter the “Spec Suite.” Over the … Continue reading Spec Suite Scorecard

Ten on One- Growing a CRE Brokerage Company

Ten minutes with Jeff Rinkov, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Lee & Associates. Our Leader. We sat down to discuss how we are growing our company and what makes us different.–Bigger, publicly traded CRE companies are focused on growing predictable revenue….CRE brokerage commissions are not that predictable. –How is Lee growing: – NFL cities – Diversification … Continue reading Ten on One- Growing a CRE Brokerage Company

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2022

The Metro office market continues to trudge along its own path of an extended (up and down, circular) recovery.  Direct vacancy actually decreased slightly to 17.5%, 500 basis points lower than our 20-year average.  Meanwhile, average asking rates actually increased by $0.46/SF per year between Q3 and Q4.  However, net absorption, the most critical indicator of market … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2022

Accept the Workplace Change–Flexible Work

It’s no shock that a recent McKinsey study showed that workers want more flexibility in their work. (See below for more) What was shocking is that today 58% of people surveyed are now being offered some flexibility in their work—that is 92 million Americans. This is a structural change in how we work, hire, build … Continue reading Accept the Workplace Change–Flexible Work

C2 By The Numbers

2022 flew by. Before the year gets away from us, we wanted to say thank you for helping us succeed. Reflecting on our transactions, our relationships, and our business over the past year, I have these few takeaways: –We are blessed to have fantastic clients. While the office market is still in a sandstorm for … Continue reading C2 By The Numbers

Ten on One- Construction (Tenant Improvement) Pricing

In our latest Ten on One podcast, we spend 10 minutes with James Murphy, CEO of Willmeng Construction. Willmeng has been one of the most active general contractors in all of Arizona over the past decade, with incredible data points. Here are a few takeaways from our talk on construction pricing, particularly tenant improvements: — Don’t … Continue reading Ten on One- Construction (Tenant Improvement) Pricing

Build-to-Suit Development Process

Historically, the Metro Phoenix Office Market would most accurately be describe as a “Field of Dreams” market…”If you build it, they will come.”  In this case, Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) is plowing down cotton fields to throw up Class A office space in the hopes that “Shoeless Joe” aka AAA Credit Tenant comes along to … Continue reading Build-to-Suit Development Process

Why Employees are Clashing with their Bosses on One Issue After Another

Over the past 18-24 months, our C2 Voice has been writing about the systemic change in office space working norms. The Wall Street Journal has printed a piece that does a great job summarizing all the issues that face workers, owners, corporations, and managers (see full article below my comments). There is a war going … Continue reading Why Employees are Clashing with their Bosses on One Issue After Another

How To Make the Office Like Home

Yes, we’re talking about remote work again. More and more employees want to work from home, and it’s clear why. More flexible hours, no commute, comfort, there are many benefits for flexible work.  The trick for employers who need their workers back in the office is figuring out how to make their space appealing to … Continue reading How To Make the Office Like Home

2022 Holiday Video–Our Travels this Year

We were on the road A LOT in 2022. We encourage everyone on the Coppola-Cheney team to travel. AND travel we did this year. Take a look at our 2-minute holiday card for photos of some of the very cool places we got to see. We love our team. We love our life. We love … Continue reading 2022 Holiday Video–Our Travels this Year

A Very Active 3rd Quarter

The third quarter of 2022 was active…very active. We closed 27 deals in 90 days and went over 100 deals completed in 2022. We continue to close a deal every 2-3 days, rain or shine.  What does that mean for you? 1—We know the market 2—We know the best terms 3—We can help you If … Continue reading A Very Active 3rd Quarter

Ten on One – Commercial Development with Molly Ryan Carson

This month’s Ten on One episode is packed with relevant information on what is currently happening with Commercial Real Estate development. Featuring Molly Ryan Carson, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Development and Market Leader for Ryan Co’s Southwest Region, we dive into the key trends and developments we are seeing right now. Here are … Continue reading Ten on One – Commercial Development with Molly Ryan Carson

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