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Ten on One – Family Legacies with Scott Donnell

Normally, we talk all things CRE.  Today, however, we’re making a detour and chatting with Scott Donnell, the genius founder of GravyStack, Apex Leadership Company, and author of New York Times best-seller, Value Creation Kid.  Scott spent the past five years learning from 1,000 amazing families.  Family legacy is his life and here are some fascinating takeaways:   — … Continue reading Ten on One – Family Legacies with Scott Donnell

7 Lasting Changes From COVID in Office Space

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in the Commercial Real Estate office market.  As brokers, we have been able to see and participate in these changes firsthand. All Tenants and Landlords are making adjustments on how they lease space. When culture-altering changes happen, companies that learn to adapt are far more successful than those that don’t. … Continue reading 7 Lasting Changes From COVID in Office Space

Phoenix Office Market vs. the World

We work in the Phoenix market every single day, monitoring trends and staying on top of the latest developments. I wanted to see if the Metro Phoenix office market was any different from the global office market.  Short answer: it’s not.   The Longer Answer:  — Office space was hit hard all over the world … Continue reading Phoenix Office Market vs. the World

Ten on One – NFL Long Snapper JJ Jansen Explains Performing Under Pressure

All you need is 10 minutes to listen to our conversation with current NFL great, JJ Jansen, who is the veteran long snapper for the Carolina Panthers.  JJ shares some incredible tips on how he has dealt with pressure in one of the most intense workplaces: the pro football stadium. Can you imagine doing your … Continue reading Ten on One – NFL Long Snapper JJ Jansen Explains Performing Under Pressure

Stick or Carrot?

As more and more companies around the country are returning to work, big corporations are trying to incentivize their employees to get them back into the office.  Some are even bribing their employees with the promise of charity donations for each day that an employee comes to the office (The Carrot). Other companies are threatening … Continue reading Stick or Carrot?

How Will YOU Use Office Space?

We are THE office guys. We have dedicated almost 4 decades to simply leasing office space.  Times are changing and we, along with our Tenants and Landlords, have to learn from the pandemic.  We have to continually adapt to the market. On that note, check out this article and see below for my comments on this … Continue reading How Will YOU Use Office Space?

Quotes From Employers on Work from Home

As work from home and flex work continue to progress, there have been a number of different experiences, challenges, and thoughts from employers who are living this change in work habits in real-time.  Take a look below to see some quotes that were pulled from business owners and C Suite leaders:   — “The talent … Continue reading Quotes From Employers on Work from Home

Why Companies are Migrating Back to the Office

The illusion of work from home (WFH) proving more productive than being in the office together, is called out in this great article from The Economist.  The argument against the myth is actually articulated really well.    My simple takeaway is that it’s harder and costlier to collaborate virtually, making job skills suffer.  See below … Continue reading Why Companies are Migrating Back to the Office

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2023

We’re halfway through the year and the Metro Phoenix Office market continues to trudge along.  I thought 2023 would be a much improved year for the office. However, net absorption went negative for the second quarter in a row, albeit by a small notch, only like in Q1. Net absorption is the net increase in … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2023

The Office Market Reinvention

Where are office users going?  That is a trick question in today’s market.  They are still here — they are just changing, and becoming more demanding.  Due to hybrid work becoming more common over the past few years, companies have to entice workers to come out of their homes and back into the office.  Office … Continue reading The Office Market Reinvention

Demand for Office Space Expected to Shrink Through Early 2024

We write about the state and future of the office market in The C2 Voice weekly. Because we are on the front lines, we see trends happening as they develop. Today, we want to share a great study that just came out from NAIOP (the main association for Office Developers) that mirrors our perspective but … Continue reading Demand for Office Space Expected to Shrink Through Early 2024

Ten on One – Real Estate Investing with Scott Ostlund

Do me a favor and take 10 minutes (ok, it was so good we ran a little long) to listen to the passion and brilliance of Scott Ostlund. Scott is a Principal at Lee & Associates – Ontario, CA, a co-founder of the Associate Equities Fund, and is damn smart!  In a few short minutes, you’ll … Continue reading Ten on One – Real Estate Investing with Scott Ostlund

Title Insurance Made Easy

Why are you getting a C2 Original Content before Wednesday… How did you get so lucky?   First, a bonus. We wanted to send this early to announce the launch of, Rod Santomassimo’s new book, Dominators of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.  Our team is one of the few teams profiled in it.  To read our chapter click the link … Continue reading Title Insurance Made Easy

C2 Recent Transactions

Office space is forever evolving — especially in the past 36 months.  That’s why the Coppola-Cheney Group is constantly adapting to the current market. To stay relevant, we have to meet the wants and needs of people and companies like YOURS.  As you can see from the graphic below, the constant evolution of the market hasn’t … Continue reading C2 Recent Transactions

Ten on One – Office Site Selection Insights with Thomas Maynard

This week we have an insightful episode with Thomas Maynard, Senior Vice President at the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC).  We sat down to discuss trends in office site selection, a space he lives in every week.     We asked Thomas: Who are the key players and what questions are they asking?  Here’s a taste of … Continue reading Ten on One – Office Site Selection Insights with Thomas Maynard

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