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Real Estate Summit Keynote Speaker – Craig Coppola July 2022

Craig was one of the keynote speakers at Family Office Club’s recent 1,000+ person investor event. He gave his Fantastic Life talk to demonstrate that being ultra-healthy is not only more important than being ultra-wealthy, but core to enjoying the money and time that you have. One point you will hear in his talk is how hard it is to keep things simple, and how easy it is to make things complicated.

Playa Del Norte Delivered March 2021

Andrew interviews Derek Flottum of Irgens on their newest project, and our listing, Playa Del Norte. Delivered March 2021 and ready to be leased!

Coppola – 2020 Award of Excellence

Craig was honored with NAIOP Arizona’s 2020 Award of Excellence, a lifetime achievement award that recognizes an individual’s impact on the commercial real estate industry in Arizona. This video highlights some of his achievements from a few of his top influencers.

The Value of SIOR – Andrew Cheney

Watch Andrew give his perspective on the value of SIOR, including staying on the cutting edge of real estate and connecting with elite brokers around the world.

Leaders in Chairs Drinking Coffee

Andrew was honored to join Danielle Feroleto at Small Giants in the inaugural episode of “Leaders in Chairs Drinking Coffee”.

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition Season 2, Ep. 5

It’s the finale of The Bachelor-NAIOP Edition Season 2. Who will win the rose and the heart of the deal? It’s a shocking turn of events in the final episode of the season.  And it’s a must-watch video. 

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition Season 2, Ep. 4

It’s time for a critical rose ceremony. Who will go home, and who will have the chance to meet the architect? Watch the video to find out!

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition Season 2, Ep. 3

This week on The Bachelor-NAIOP Edition Season 2, the guys test their tennis skills on a group date. Nothing like a little competition to reveal who’s there for the right reasons.

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition Season 2, Ep. 2

It’s time to find out who will receive a coveted rose and who will be sent home. Will your favorite tenant make the cut? Watch this week’s episode of The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition to find out.

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition Season 2, Ep. 1b

In part 2 of the premiere, the guys get some one-on-one time with Figtree Capital to see if they can make that special connection.

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition Season 2, Ep. 1a

The Bachelor – NAIOP Edition is back for season 2 with an all-new group of tenants looking to fall in love with Arizona real estate. Watch the video!

Robert Kiyosaki and Craig Coppola Discuss How to Win in Commercial Real Estate Investing

Craig sits down with Robert Kiyosaki to discuss his book, How to Win in Commercial Real Estate Investing. Robert is the author of the New York Times best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, as well as the Founder of The Rich Dad Company.

Inspire with Craig Coppola – Stories of the American Dream in Arizona

The Arizona Corporation Commission and one of the Commissioners shot a series of TV episodes on 10 Arizona Entrepreneurs.  These include Jerry Colangelo (former owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks), Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), Eric Crown (founder of Insight Computers)  AND Craig Coppola, one of the Founding Principals of Lee and Associates Arizona. Watch this video to learn more about Craig, and how he became the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

(To watch the 8 minute introduction to the series, click here.)

Commercial Real Estate Investing with Craig Coppola – Brock Collins Podcast

Brock Collins, host of Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast, interviewed Craig to highlight his experience in commercial real estate leasing and investing. In this episode, Craig shares stories and lessons learned through investing and acquiring properties of his own. (Audio only)

Keeping Your Clients Unbelievably Loyal to You – Podcast

Jim Gillespie interviewed Craig as part of his Million Dollar Commercial Real Estate Agent Inner Circle Project to discuss “Keeping Your Clients Unbelievably Loyal to You”. (Audio Only). Click here to read the full transcript.

   Michael Kosta – Office Tour

Office space requirements: 57 degrees, smoothie blending and parties?!?!

Celebrities call Coppola/Cheney to negotiate their office space lease all the time. Watch as Craig and Andrew tour comedian Michael Kosta through an office space that he is interested in leasing. This hilarious 3-minute video shows a few of the obstacles Craig and Andrew have to jump through in order to close the deal with this “Joker”.

Wisdom and Root Canals

Mentors can be found in the most unlikely places. Listen to Craig talk about one of his most trusted mentors: his dentist.

The Strength of SIOR

The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) is one of the most prestigious designations in Commercial Real Estate. Craig and Andrew both hold this designation, and have for many years. This video highlights the strengths of being a member of SIOR.

Become a Master at Getting Exclusive Listings – Podcast

Jim Gillespie interviewed Craig once again as part of his Million Dollar Commercial Real Estate Agent Inner Circle Project to discuss “Becoming a Master at Getting Exclusive Listings”. (Audio Only). Listen now to get some great tips from a 30+ year experienced broker! Click here to read the full transcript.

SIOR Globe Street Live Interview – Learning From Each Other

5/6/2015 – Craig was part of a video interview along with Jay Olshonsky, President of NAI Global, called Brokers Unplugged: A Candid Conversation.

   The Bachelor, Part 1 – NAIOP Edition

Reality Television is one of the most popular types of shows. Not to be outdone, we wanted to make our own reality show with the Arizona chapter of NAIOP. See how tenants find commercial real estate – bachelor style.

   The Bachelor, Part 2 – NAIOP Edition

In part 2 of our own Bachelor Style reality show, we are getting down to the real “connections.” Who will get that coveted rose? Watch the video to find out who makes the next cut!

   The Bachelor, Part 3 – NAIOP Edition

In love and in business you have to find the perfect partner. Who will it be for Jean Pierre? Find out in the last installment of The Bachelor – NAIOP edition.

   Why You Need Coppola-Cheney: Part 1

Warning! NSFW language in this short video. That escalated quickly! Enjoy Andrew’s transformation from diplomat to a$$hole.

   Why You Need Coppola-Cheney: Part 2

It’s all about relationships. In this short video, you will see why we love the win-win. Our clients want their TP!

Selling Copiers

We all have to start somewhere. For Bill Lee, that was with selling copiers. Listen as he tells about his first sales job and how it led him to a life of excellence.

SIOR Globe Street Live Interview – Brokers and the Age Factor

4/30/2015 – Craig and Andrew, along with another team were interviewed by Globe at the SIOR World Conference in Scottsdale, AZ about cross-generational collaboration within Commercial Real Estate.

SIOR Globe Street Live Interview – Lee Looks at the Changing Leasing, Investing Environment

5/7/2014 – Andrew took part in discussing the changing leasing and investment environment at the SIOR Spring World Conference.

SIOR Celebrates 75 Years

Craig and Andrew both hold their SIOR designation, signifying their professional development and achievement. Only 2,900 practitioners hold this designation worldwide. In this video, SIOR celebrates 75 years of excellence and shares the history and memories from over the years.

   Shark Tank, NAIOP Edition: Meet the Sharks

Sharks can live in the desert! In this video we meet a few of these Desert Sharks, and of course the best is saved for last. Enjoy.

   Shark Tank, NAIOP Edition: Amazing Balls

It takes balls to be in Commercial Real Estate. Give us a call if you want to hear about them.

   Shark Tank, NAIOP Edition: TindRE

So you’ve been on the “coffee” date and now you’re ready to match up with the link to go on the “Dinner” date with this video.

   Shark Tank, NAIOP Edition: Furniture

Nothing inflates profit margins faster than being in your space early. Watch the full video here on how you can keep your profits from deflating. But, if you need your market knowledge pumped up, give us a call.

   Shark Tank, NAIOP Edition: Lobby DJ

Just like the lobby DJ’s in this video, Coppola Cheney also takes requests. Gives us a call to let us know what type of office space you would like to be in next.

   Shark Tank, NAIOP Edition: Shock Stick

Commercial Real Estate is an electric business to work in. Sometimes extreme measures are necessary to get a deal done. Watch the attached video to see how we keep vendors in check.

   Michael Kosta Interview – What Is a Runner? Part 1

C2 expects the best and trains the best. A 2 ½ year “Runnership” is how they pass their lessons on. Mentoring is critical to someone starting out in the business. Watch the video to learn more about C2’s program.

   Michael Kosta Interview – What Is a Runner? Part 2

Michael Kosta can’t even begin to fathom a lady saying no to him at the local watering hole. But when one finally does, Mr. Kosta learns how to Fail Forward! Watch the video here about toughness and failure.

Nothing in Moderation

Moderation produces mediocrity. When you’re passionate about something, you should give it your all. Watch as Craig describes what Nothing in Moderation means to him in work and in life.

   Michael Kosta Interview – Dynamic Brokers

Are the people you work with or who work for you held accountable? Watch the full video here to find out how hard we will work for you.

   Michael Kosta: Serving the Community

How many Boards are you on? Part of our Mantra is to give back. In this short video, you will learn about how we like to give back. If you want to know more, give us a call.

   Michael Kosta: Client Stories

Take two minutes to hear two great stories! Warning, adult topics ahead. Well, kind of.

The Tomato Growing Contest

Bill Lee is a competitor.  Not only is he the Founder of our company, he competes in all sorts of “events.”  Listen as he tells how he became a world-class tomato grower.

   Michael Kosta Interview – Who is The Coppola-Cheney Group?

Fail forward. This is our mantra at C2. Watch the video to see Michael Kosta grill Craig and Andrew and find out how they failed forward to become Lee & Associates Arizona’s #1 Team.

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