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The Creative Process of the Four Pioneers of Modern Architecture

In my business, I get to tour some pretty incredible buildings and spaces. (Check out the narrative I did on World’s Most Beautiful Offices of 2019). I am always fascinated by the creative thinking and precision that goes into designing and constructing buildings and office space to make the culture within the company actually come to … Continue reading The Creative Process of the Four Pioneers of Modern Architecture

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The Most Outdoorsy HQ Ever

I’ve shared some pretty cool buildings with this narrative over the years, and I’m bringing you another one today. As an avid backpacker for 30+ years, I wanted to share REI’s new headquarters.  This one may be one of my favorites.  REI is a co-op founded in 1938 that sells outdoor gear.  I have been … Continue reading The Most Outdoorsy HQ Ever

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World’s Most Beautiful Offices of 2019

I love to write this narrative each year.  Annually, I get to comment on some of the coolest office spaces in the world and also highlight a couple clients we have completed transactions with in the past 12 months.  First is a very cool tenant lounge that Cypress Properties and Oaktree built at Renaissance One. Next, … Continue reading World’s Most Beautiful Offices of 2019

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Exposed Ceilings Are Cool But Not Cheap

Exposed ceilings are all the rage, but users pay a price for this look. Most of our clients think it’s less expensive to just demo the ceiling and have a cool open space.  Not so fast.   Here are some of the additional costs that come with an exposed ceiling: – Re-running electrical cabling and HVAC … Continue reading Exposed Ceilings Are Cool But Not Cheap

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The Legacy of Steve Jobs and Office Space

Apple moved into their spaceship this year.  I wrote about it while under construction and now you have probably have seen finished photos all over.  If not, here are some. But today’s narrative is not about this inspired headquarters.  Today, I want to talk about Pixar’s headquarters built in the late 1990’s.  The standards of creative office … Continue reading The Legacy of Steve Jobs and Office Space

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How Tech Office Space Sets the Bar for Everyone Else

What would you do if you had an unlimited budget to improve your company’s next office renovation?  Below is a great article detailing what some tech giants are doing to their interior design to keep their employees happy, productive and in the office.    One simple takeaway is that these companies are doing THE most innovative and comprehensive buildout you … Continue reading How Tech Office Space Sets the Bar for Everyone Else

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A 3D-Printed Building?

3D printing is by far one of the most exciting and innovative technologies hitting the market today. But most people have no idea how far along the technology has come. From ears to planes, car parts to prosthetic limbs, and now entire office buildings, 3D printers are already creating amazing things and disrupting entire industries in the … Continue reading A 3D-Printed Building?

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17,000 Manhattan Buildings Could Not Be Built Today

Big cities like New York, San Francisco, and LA have always fascinated me from a real estate perspective. To buy land, design and build buildings is a complex process. Zoning and city planning alone create innumerable obstacles for developers due to the limited amount of space. New York City’s zoning code turns 100 this year, and below … Continue reading 17,000 Manhattan Buildings Could Not Be Built Today

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